note: This article describes how to deploy GitHub secrets in Azure Kubernetes clusters using GitHub actions. It should be more or less applicable regardless of which code repository and CI/CD platform you use.

In part 1, I described the issues of managing environmental variables between software developers and traditional operations groups. You can read it here:

In this article, I am going to talk about secrets, specifically creating K8s secrets from GitHub secrets. Credentials like database credentials and api keys should not be stored in the repo itself, but rather in a Github secret. …

One of the biggest pain points between developers and devops (or in the old days, operations) are environmental variables.

Prior to the Kubernetes revolution, environmental variables were typically stored in .env files on the servers the app was deployed to. For example, a web service that ran on 6 servers would have a .env file on each individual server that the operations group would typically manage. Those .env …


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